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Advertising and production company «Pharm Media» offers a wide range of services for development of design and tailoring for all levels of medical personnel (medical gowns and suits, surgical suits, medical hats, caps), as well as accessories for the doctor's room (couch cloth, screen).

In the production of our products we use imported fabrics and fabric of domestic manufacture with water proofing and blood repelling impregnations, which comply with the current demands of medical clothing — they withstand boiling, autoclaving and don't shrink or peel.

Also we make high demands to the furniture — buttons, thread etc. This allows you to extend the lifecycle of our products up to 5 years.

Our models are designed taking into account the specifics of medical workers, configuration and age. Having our own tailoring production, designers and stylists meets the needs of any customer.

Our equipment allows us to put the logo on any clothing through various techniques: embroidery, screen printing, thermo transfer, sublimation, and well-regulated production of medical clothing can maintain the high quality and low prices.

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